Thursday, June 2, 2016

Identity Reorganization Portal

Identity Reorganization Portal is a steel gazebo-like structure. The portal’s footprint is narrow and circular with a diameter of 48″. Its total height is 11′. The entire structure, covered with thousands of small irregularly-cut mirrors, shines from a distance. Unable to avoid shiny objects, myriads of Black Rock citizens will be drawn closer only to find their own reflections scattered, reorganized and blended with the reflection of others nearby. This installation endeavors to raise important questions in the group mind about the nature of Identity. Passing through the center of the portal reveals one’s reflection now compressed by the inner concave nature of these mirrored walls. Two lighted buttons inside the portal activate a random set of verbal instructions for successful identity reorganization.

Identity Reorganization Portal is designed to be a gauntlet thrown down before the apparent solidity of the assumed “I”.

Identity Reorganization Portal has received a 2016 Installation Honorarium from Burning Man.

Identity Reorganization Portal on the playa, 2016. Photos by Andrew Campbell.